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Social Media Intelligence

Predict, analyze and act on real-time social media content from anywhere in the world to understand what your customers are sharing inside stores, interacting with at events, and talking about within competitive locations.

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Go Beyond Keywords and Hashtags

Customer Insights From locations you care about

Only listening for keywords and hashtags? You're missing out on two-thirds of your customers' activities on social media. Add location-based intelligence to your social media data set with Geofeedia.

Our real-time, location-based intelligence platform earned the 2015 TechPoint Mira Marketing Tech Award and helps you predict, analyze and act on what your customers are sharing inside stores, interacting with at events, and talking about within competitive locations.

Stop guessing about where your customers are spending their time by using behavioral data to reach the right audience and improve conversions with targeted advertising through Geofeedia Ads.


See What Customers Are Talking About

Predict Developing Topics and Trends

Learn what your customers are talking about anywhere in the world. Discover real-time insights and live trends as you search location-based marketing content in real time and monitor social streams from multiple locations within a single view.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Predict behavior

    Use trending data to predict future behavior and gain market insights about your target audience.

  • Visualize content

    See real-time, geosocial content in a matter of seconds in a map view, heatmap view, collage, and an open live streamer.

  • Stay in the know

    Be notified immediately for important content with real-time notifications based on specific keyword or username triggers.

Gain Valuable Market Intelligence

Analyze Consumer Behavior

Gain valuable market intelligence and spot industry trends by analyzing what consumers are talking about and sharing from locations, stores, and events of interest—yours and competitors’.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Archive & Analyze

    Analyze archived data to identify keyword trends, time-based activity, influential posters, activity trends, social media sources, sentiment and more.

  • Gain Insights

    Gather insights about specific days, hours, and locations by social media network for any location of interest to power targeted social ads.

  • Export & Extract

    Easily extract the social media data that matters to you and share it with your organization in PDF or CSV format.

Join the Conversation

Act on Real-time Conversations to stay relevant and timely

Better communicate and connect with your social customers and engage in the conversation to grow your business. Join the real-time conversation by drawing a perimeter around an area and engaging with customers – whether they’re using keywords and hashtags or not.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Respond in Real-time

    Easily discover and respond to social media posts of interest across multiple channels.

  • Profile Customers

    Discover a complete social profile across multiple networks, then define and create segments for follow up and re-targeting with Geofeedia Ads.

  • Understand Sentiment

    Understand and measure the social sentiment for your brand at locations of interest anywhere in the world.

"Geofeedia takes the guesswork out of keyword monitoring. Reporting, tracking, and putting a number to our social conversations is absolutely essential."

Katyn Richter, South Dakota Tourism Department

"Geofeedia allows us to aggregate and respond to real-time user generated content across various social media channels. "

Erin Vande Steeg, Mall of America

"By utilizing location-specific content mining, brands are able to uncover trends and improve overall sentiment management. "

Stephanie Miles, Street Fight

"Brands need to know what’s being said in the locations important to them, including everything from engaging with real-time customer experience chatter to uncovering fan and customer content that doesn’t use hashtags."

Jay Baer, Convince & Convert



Learn how our location-based intelligence platform goes beyond keyword and hashtag social media listening.