Social Media Intelligence

Predict, analyze and act on real-time social media content from anywhere in the world to understand the conversations locally on campus and around the globe.

Engage and Protect Students, Staff, and Visitors

Keep Campus Safe And Provide a Fun Experience

With so much at stake, listening for keywords and hashtags isn’t enough. Two thirds of social media activity doesn’t include them. Add location-based intelligence to your social media data set to ensure you maintain a fun and secure environment.

Our real-time, location-based intelligence platform helps you predict, analyze and act on social media data to drive engagement on campus and ensure safety in all facilities.


See What's Being Talked About on Campus

Predict Developing Topics and Trends

Stay ahead of developing topics, trends or potential situations of interest with proactive monitoring and alerting from real-time location-based intelligence. See what’s happening around your students, faculty, staff and visitors wherever they are through real-time video, photo, and text content.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Discover Data

    Discover what is trending in any location, or find locations where a specific keyword or phrase is trending.

  • Visualize Content

    See real-time, geosocial content in a matter of seconds in a map view, heatmap view, collage, and an open live streamer.

  • Predict the Unknown

    Be notified immediately for important content with real-time notifications based on specific keyword or username triggers to prevent potential incidents.

Always Be Prepared

Analyze Trends and Behaviors that Could Escalate

Analyze social activity and trends in real-time so you can take preemptive action, improve response times during crisis situations, and improve your overall campus engagement strategy.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Archive & Analyze

    Analyze archived data to identify keyword trends, time-based activity, influential posters, activity trends, social media sources, sentiment and more.

  • Gain Insights

    Gather insights about specific days, hours, and locations by social media network for any location of interest.

  • Export & Extract

    Easily extract the social media data that matters to you and share it with your organization in PDF or CSV format.

Stay Alert and Join the Conversation

Act On Real-time Conversations to Stay Relevant and Timely

Location-based streaming enables you to listen to conversations on and off campus. You can communicate and connect with your students, staff and visitors on social media to drive engagement and keep them safe.

In times of crisis, social media can help with the identification of and response to potential threats. Ensure you will be there when it matters most.

  • Understand Sentiment

    Understand and measure the social sentiment across campus and around the world for global awareness.

  • Respond in Real-time

    Respond to crisis situations by accessing massive amounts of real-time, geotagged social media data from multiple sources.

  • Secure Live Events

    Secure live events with perimeters drawn around event facilities and nearby areas to monitor social activity in real-time.

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