Corporate Security

Social Media Intelligence

Predict, analyze and act on real-time social media content from anywhere in the world to protect your assets, secure facilities and strengthen your business continuity plans.

Corporate Security: Prevent and Mitigate Risk No Matter Where You Are

In today's fast-paced environment, it is vital to understand social media as it relates to incidents, threats, and disruptions that can impact global organization's people, supply chains, brands, and assets.

Our real-time, location-based intelligence platform enables the world's largest corporations to predict, analyze and act on social media data to protect assets, secure facilities and strengthen business continuity plans. Protecting your business and people means being there – no matter where you are.


Be Proactive

Predict Business-Critical Signals

Stay ahead of developing topics, trends or potential situations of interest with proactive listening and alerting from real-time location-based intelligence. See what’s happening around your executives, employees, partners, and locations/facilities wherever they are through real-time video, photo, and text content.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Prevent the Unknown

    Prevent the unknown through 24/7 listening of multiple specific locations of interest, allowing quick reactions to threatening information.

  • Keep Assets Safe

    Protect executives and other key employees by understanding their surroundings at all times at any location.

  • Protect Your Brand

    Protect brands and minimize loss by identifying fraud and counterfeiting and seamlessly sharing information with the authorities.

Always Be Prepared

Analyze Trends and Behaviors that could Escalate

Analyze social activity and trends in real-time so you can take preemptive action, improve response times during crisis situations, and improve your overall business continuity plan.

Raw intelligence data points captured from social media allow you to weave a story together, based on many data points, to make informed recommendations and decisions.

Explore Our Product Features
  • Archive & Analyze

    Analyze archived data to identify keyword trends, time-based activity, influential posters, activity trends, social media sources, sentiment and more.

  • Gain Insights

    Gather insights about specific days, hours, and locations by social media network for any location of interest.

  • Export & Extract

    Easily extract the social media data that matters to you and share it with your organization in PDF or CSV format.

Stay Alert

Act Immediately to Eliminate Potential Threats

Location-based streaming enables you to monitor offices, facilities, event areas, and other physical spaces simultaneously to help you better understand your environment from a new vantage point: social media. Social media intelligence paired with your team’s domain expertise will uncover valuable data that has been hiding in plain sight. Be there when it matters most.


Explore Our Product Features
  • Respond in Real-time

    Respond to crisis situations by accessing massive amounts of real-time, geotagged social media data from multiple sources.

  • Global Reach

    Understand the social content at locations and surrounding areas around the world in real-time. Use this data to ensure the safety of your employees and assets, regardless of where they are.

  • Bring Your Events Closer to Home

    Whether it’s sponsorship events, executive travel sites, conferences or trade shows, let Geofeedia be your “virtual advance team” to understand critical venues before, during and after an event.

"Geofeedia is, in my opinion, the best geo-location social media tool out there and has been uniquely effective in advancing corporate security and intelligence analysis efforts."

Samuel L., Global Threat at Sony Pictures Entertainment



Learn how our location-based social media intelligence platform goes beyond keywords and hashtags.