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Pioneers in location-based social media monitoring

In 2011, Geofeedia embarked on a mission to transform the way organizations leverage social media. Wouldn't it be incredible if we could gather social data coming from a specific location, across multiple social sources, in just a matter of seconds? We could then go anywhere in the world, right now, and understand exactly what's happening. That big idea was a dramatic departure from traditional social listening tools that gather social data by keywords and hashtags.

Our first launch was met with tremendous excitement and our technology was openly dubbed as unique, disruptive and transformative. Journalism groups, brands, public safety groups and other organizations finally had a powerful way to mine the social cloud that was fast, powerful, and generated relevant and actionable data.

Since those early days, we've enhanced our product dramatically by relentlessly focusing on our customer experience and how we can make them even more successful. We are committed to our family of customers, and our team members are building our business brick-by-brick through rapid product enhancements, a high level of customer support, training and other actions supportive of making our customers successful.

We continue to learn about new and exciting ways to leverage location-based social media data. If you'd like to be part of this feel free to reach out and join us on our journey!

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