There's more to social discovery than keywords and hashtags

Our patented, cloud-based social media monitoring platform lets you search, monitor and analyze real-time social media content by location, from anywhere in the world, with a single click.

Draw a perimeter anywhere in the world

Starting your search is as easy as drawing on a map. Search for any location in the world, from an entire city to a specific address, and visualize real-time, location-based social media content in a matter of seconds.


Search location-based social media content on the map

Easily discover content using multiple views

Multiple views of the data allow you to customize the discovery process based on what works best for you. Visualize social data on the map, discover rich content within the timeline collage, or stream multiple locations in real-time with the Geofeedia Streamer.


Stream real-time social media content from multiple locations

Built-in analytics and data export options

Our built-in analytics view allows you to filter location-based social media by keyword, user, day, hour and more. If you prefer another tool for analysis or need to combine multiple sets of information, you can export our data in various formats.


Filter and analyze location-based social media content

Key Features


Automatically gather and archive all social media content from the places that matter to you. “Set it and forget it” with Geofeedia location monitoring and the possibilities are endless. Data is archived so you can access it and take action any time.


Refine your search results by keyword, user, day, hour, social media source and more. Discover highly relevant, contextual and actionable information from the locations that matter to you.


Analyze and take action on relevant content with various visualization options. Map view shows the precise location of your content, collage view shows you the timing and sequence of posts and live streaming displays new content in real time from multiple locations on a single screen.


Mine archived data to identify keyword trends, time-based activity, influential posters, activity trends, social media sources and more. Adjust your analysis and filter results with a few clicks.


Effortlessly and securely store your data in a world-class, cloud-based data center for future retrieval and analysis. Once a monitored feed is established, your data is archived until you turn it off. Easily retrieve archived data when you’re ready to perform analysis.


Extract value from your data through Geofeedia’s full-featured API. Publish to RSS readers and embeddable widgets, and export data in ATOM, GeoRSS or JSON formats. Or, simply export data in CSV format from directly within the application.


Receive automatic email alerts in real time based on specific keyword or username triggers. Whether or not you're logged in, you'll be notified of important content immediately.


Quickly translate search results to almost any language with a single click.

Let us show you how location-based social media search and monitoring can change the way you gather intelligence.